Wout Morael
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Wout Morael makes inspiring photographs.  

His eccentric vision of the world, displayed in pictures of specific dimensions, gives his works of art a puzzling radiance.                  

The contemplation of his photographs is an endless experience.
His panoramic photos strike a vivid note and transform dull space into a lively affair.

An unmeasurable force results from the combination of different components - living proof that 1 and 1 are 2, or even more.

This power may appear to you as inspiring, or not.
You are encouraged to keep an open mind on the photograph and its different elements in order to enjoy the same pleasure that Morael felt when creatin g his work.

Once you are tuned in you will realise that the picture was made specially for you and it will start to lead its own life and, slowly, become part of your world.

250 x 60 cm
94 2/5 x 23 3/5 in